Creative Creations

Let me ask you this: Have you ever thought about how diverse and creative God is?

I just finished the book Crazy Lovewritten by world-renowned Christian speaker, Francis Chan. This was my third time reading the book (I highly highly recommend it.) Each time I have read it, something different speaks to me. This time, it really hit me how creative God truly is. I have always known that He is responsible for creating this beautiful planet that we live on, the skies, and all the galaxies. However, I was hit with an “awe” moment of how creative and diverse He is.

Francis Chan says in his book…

“He didn’t have to make hundreds of different kinds of bananas…but He did.

He didn’t have to put 3000 species of trees within one square mile of the Amazon Jungle…but He did.

He didn’t have to create many races, people, laughter…but He did.”

AND THANK GOD HE DID, literally.

Could you imagine? Could you imagine a world with no choices? Not this or that, only this. If God is able to create this whole universe, by all means He could have made the world only black and white, with no color. How boring. Studies have shown our eyes are capable of seeing up to 10 million different shades of colors. 10 million. He could have chosen to make the whole planet the same show of scenery. He didn’t need to make hills, mountains, valleys, rivers, oceans. More so, He could have made the Earth and stopped there. But, He created over 2 trillion galaxies and around 100 billion stars per galaxy. We don’t need all of those galaxies, stars, or even our surrounding planets, but He created them anyway. He could have made just one form of life, but instead He made millions of different life forms. He created not one unified language, but six thousand different languages. He could have made us all look the exact same. Instead, we are people of all different shapes, sizes, color, even personality. He could have chosen one standard laugh. But He didn’t. God made creation creative.


God has created such a diverse array of foods, plants, wildlife, and something I think we often forget: other people. (Believe it or not, we were made to be different. Shocker, I know.) God didn’t need to be creative with His creations. The fact that He created everything is amazing enough. However, He chose to be creative. He takes pride in diversity, and I think we should as well.

When did we get so caught up in trying to be just like everyone else? Or when did scrolling through the explore page on Instagram make every girl body shame herself a tad bit more with every picture? When did we become so obsessed with trying to fit in with the latest fashion, the latest products, heck, the latest anything? God created us to be our own person. Our own unique self. We are meant to have our own likes, our own dislikes, the certain things that make us smile, the things that get under our skin. It’s time we start trying to be who we were created to be, not who person A or B was created to be. As for me, personally, I struggle with this on a daily basis. I mean, how could someone not? With society pushing us to think we need this, to seeing other’s “awesome” lives on social media (let’s face it, who posts the bad things going on in their lives?), etc. When I find myself having doubtful thoughts, I remember…God made all things out of nothing. He made you and me out of nothing.


Surely, I am worthy.

You see, I think nobody appreciates diversity and creativity quite like God does. God’s art speaks of HIMSELF, reflecting who He is and what He is like. 

God didn’t create all of us to be divided, sectioned, jealous of others, trying to “fit in” to specific categories. He created us to admire and appreciate His abundance of multiplicity.

Because beyond everything, “we were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us, and wealth classified us.”

You see, we are all part of God’s creation. And I think that is the most breathtakingly beautiful thing.

take a good look at God’s wonders; they will take your breath away // psalm 66:5


2 thoughts on “Creative Creations”

  1. Abby, You are amazing and beautiful – INSIDE and out!!  I am so proud of you and love you!  Those words were for me!  I am so thankful that God uses other people to speak truth to us – just when we need it.  Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!~Mom


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