Isn’t She Lovely

After a girl’s night out, I came to the realization of something wonderful. I finally grasped the thought of how amazing it truly is to be a girl. My roommate and I were outside of a party we were just at. Two girls came running out, one shouting at the other. After the girl ran off, the one that had been yelling looked at us and simply said “boys.”

My roommate and I decided to go back to our apartment. Without boys on our minds, we had the time of our life. We put on some music, our aprons, and whipped up a batch of cookies. We talked about life. We explored each other’s minds. While sitting there on the futon in our living room, I came to terms with how thankful I am to be a girl.

How often do guys end their night jamming to the Spice Girls? How many guys leave parties to bake? How often do guys just sit and have deep conversations about life, love, family, and everything in between?

Sure, you may say “well guys don’t do that because it’s girly.” But the way I see it, it’s not girly. I feel like this is simply something that strengthens relationships. I don’t think that it’s girly to have meaningful conversation. I don’t think that it’s girly to enjoy one’s company. I don’t think it’s girly to talk about what you appreciate in life. I think it’s human, and quite frankly essential.

I love getting excited about a new candle. Taking pictures and making memories brings me absolute joy. Reading the sayings on Dove chocolates gives me my daily inspiration. A cup of coffee can instantly change my mood. Getting dolled up makes me feel so beautiful. Fresh flowers delight my heart. Pink lipstick makes me feel like I can take on anything. Hearing my heels on a hard surface makes me feel powerful. Pinterest and some music is the perfect escape. Shaved legs and clean sheets are enough to make my night. Bubble baths bring the ultimate relaxation. Fuzzy socks make me feel cozy. Chick-flicks are my favorite go-to. A new purse, well that’s just amazing.

Why do I love being a girl? I love being a girl because we do so many things that guys don’t do. Guys don’t travel to the bathroom together, stand in there and talk for way too long and somehow make new friends. Guys don’t just scream out how much they love each other. Guys don’t tell each other how amazing those pair of jeans make their butt look. Plus, have you ever asked a guy if they have lotion on them?

This isn’t a post about how girls are better than guys, this is just how I’ve realized that being a girl is pretty damn special. Girls are able to create such breathtaking bonds and that is worth every cramp, every break-down, and every unwanted pimple from stress.

she is far more precious than rubies // proverbs 31:10


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