If I Met My 7 Year Old Self

“If I met my seven year old self today, what would I tell her? What would I say?

Would I warn her of the future, of the bad things yet to come?

Or would I let her be naive, to keep having fun?

Because my seven year old self, believed the world a perfect place.

Would she recognize herself when she looked into my face?

Even though I’ve learnt so much more, and years have passed since then, I would give up everything I have to view life through her eyes again.” 


I would tell my seven year old self to appreciate everything my parents do for me. That there’s nothing uncool about hanging out with your parents. I would tell myself to say please and thank you more and that there’s no such thing as saying “I love you” too much. I would tell myself to never take advantage of ice cream trips, bedtime stories, and endless hugs/kisses. I would tell myself that the older you get, the more you’ll realize everything your parents have done for you. It’s quite funny actually, we spend years wishing our parents would get off our back, only to realize they’re the only ones who ever really had our back.

I would tell my seven year old self not to get angry over little things. I would tell myself it’s okay to lose to my brother in Pretty Pretty Princess. I would tell myself not to get upset if my parents wouldn’t let my friend spend the night. That my parents had a reason behind making me finish my dinner before I could eat dessert. (That they were trying to prevent the bad eating habits that I exhibit today.) I would tell myself I’m too young to be getting angry over silly things. The thing is, God created us to spread love and happiness, not to be screaming at others because they broke your crayon.

I would tell my seven year old self it’s okay to be afraid. That being afraid of the dark is not a bad thing. After all, some of the scariest things are in the unknown. I would tell myself it’s perfectly fine to have my dad check my closet before I go to sleep. I would tell myself not to be scared to ask my brothers to go down in the basement with me. That it’s normal to not want to be home alone. Telling yourself to not be afraid is like saying “Don’t flinch when someone jumps out at you” or “Don’t blink when I pretend to hit you.” It’s basically saying, “Don’t be human.”

I would tell my seven year old self to enjoy the now. I would tell myself to never complain when my parents say it’s nap-time. (Let’s be real, they knew I needed an attitude adjustment.) I would tell myself to enjoy seeing my friends at school every day. That milk/cookie time after recess should never be taken for granted. I would tell myself to wear basketball shorts with lace tank tops all I want before the trend changes. (Remind me again why that isn’t stylish anymore?) That I should enjoy not having to worry about buying make-up, shaving my legs, doing my hair, and matching my clothes. I would tell myself to enjoy having my life revolve around my girlfriends. The truth is, things were much simpler when boys had cooties.

I would tell my seven year old self there’s so much to look forward to. I would tell myself that friends will be lost along the way, my heart will be broken a few too many times, school can be a bitch, you’ll get in a lot of fights with your family members, you won’t get everything you want, and that life doesn’t revolve around me. But, that I’ll love who’s in my life. That someday I will find the one, and I’ll be head over heels in love, with who God had in mind the whole time. I would tell myself to keep pushing and you’ll get exactly where you’re meant to be. I would tell myself “I promise you that who took your charger isn’t worth the argument.” I would tell myself life doesn’t always go as you planned. That there are, in fact, more important things in the world than what you should do with your hair. I would tell myself that the goods will outweigh the bad.  

What would you tell your seven year old self if you had the chance?

So, remove grief and anger from your heart and put away pain from your body, because childhood and the prime of life are fleeting // Ecclesiastes 11:10


Published by: abby lynn

Hi, all. Thank you for clicking on my page! First things first, my name is Abby Stockwell, and I am a senior at Minnesota State University Mankato. I am majoring in journalism, and plan to one day work for a nonprofit!! I enjoy to jot down my thoughts and share them with others; Enjoy!

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