Change IS Okay

If you’re anything like me, the thought of change is uneasy, unimaginable, and downright terrifying. Whether it be a new hair-do, new friends, or a new setting, it is extremely easy to stay in your comfort zone. Comfort is my forte.

In my nearly 20 years of life, I’ve colored my hair twice. Sam Lee talked me into getting highlights in 8th grade. Last summer I got an ombre before my vacation with Jens’ family… I hated it at first. I was comfortable with my hair the way it was before.

First semester of college freshman year I made no effort to make friends. I was happy with my friends I went to high school with that also attended Winona. I hung out with Ellsworth people, with the exception of Katy Syverson who I knew of before school started.

Second semester of college freshman year I transferred to UWRF. I also made no attempt to make friends. I had my brother and his friends so I didn’t think I needed to branch out. It’s not that I was scared to make friends, I just didn’t feel the need to since I was already comfortable with the people in my life.

Bouncing around was something that I would say I was pretty good at. I am currently a sophomore at Minnesota State-Mankato. I am on my third semester of college, and have been to three schools. I was extremely nervous going into freshman year at Winona. Moving back home to attend school at UWRF was very easy considering I would be around people I knew. Making the transfer to Mankato was pretty nerve-wracking but I knew it was something I wanted to do. I am SO in love with Mankato, and could not imagine what I would be doing if I would have been too afraid to make the switch.

While all of these changes may seem very mediocre, they have led to desires of greater change. Ever since my freshman year of high school I wanted to be an oncology nurse. The past few months I have done nothing but contemplate whether I wanted to be a nurse simply because it’s just what I’ve wanted to do for a long time, or if it’s because I full-heartedly want to be a nurse. I finally came to the realization that my heart just wasn’t in it anymore.

Though I was hesitant to change my major, I knew I would rather be happy than comfortable. I knew there were going to be people that wouldn’t support my decision, and others that would simply think I was making a mistake. After all, “nursing is more realistic,” “the outlook is much greater for nurses,” and “oh but you’ll make so much more money as a nurse.”

I am very proud of myself for chasing my dreams, and for making the decision to become a WEDDING PLANNER. I have been obsessed with all things wedding since I can remember, which is why I am shocked I had never even considered getting into the wedding industry.

While deciding whether or not I should change my major, I went out on a limb and emailed a very high-end bridal shop in New York. I explained that I am a student at MNSU and proceeded to ask a variety of questions, ending with, “I am not looking for a job; I am simply looking to see what opportunities New York has to offer.”

I was not expecting a response, but the next day I checked my email and sure enough I had a reply. The woman that wrote back started off with, “I am very glad to hear you are from Minnesota, as I got my degree at St. Cloud State University and moved out here after.” She went on to let me know that if I ever do make the big move to New York to get in contact with her so we could set up a meeting and have her show me around.


I never would have thought in a million years that I would have gone this far out of my comfort zone. But here I am, changing my major, planning to move to the Big Apple (even if only for a year or two; I mean who could pass that up???), and happier than ever.

Change is terrifying, but it can also be the best thing to happen to you. There’s a saying that goes “I always wondered why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question.” This truly inspires me and makes me want to take advantage of all the blessings God puts in my life.

I am expanding my horizons, taking chances, and broadening my perspective. Yes, change is scary. But, who says it has to be bad?

{What if I fall? Oh but my darling… what if you fly?}



Published by: abby lynn

Hi, all. Thank you for clicking on my page! First things first, my name is Abby Stockwell, and I am a senior at Minnesota State University Mankato. I am majoring in journalism, and plan to one day work for a nonprofit!! I enjoy to jot down my thoughts and share them with others; Enjoy!

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